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When to Replace Your Lock?

When to Replace Your Lock?
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If you are like most of the people on this planet, your house and your car’s safety is of the utmost importance for you. Most people are genuinely interested in investing in lock systems that truly protect their assets as much as possible – and thankfully, there are many of options to choose from.

Safe and deadbolt installation are recommended to protect your valuables

Losing or having your keys stolenNo matter how advanced or expensive a lock may be though, there are still certain cases when you will absolutely have to replace it. What are these cases and why is it that you need to replace your lock in this situation? Read on and find out more:

* Wear and tear. In time, certain types of locks can become worn out and rusty. This is dangerous both because it makes opening the door much more difficult and because it makes it easier for burglars to pick the lock as well. If you notice signs of rust or wear and tear on your locks, have them replaced immediately!

* Losing or having your keys stolen. This may go without saying, but losing your keys (or having them stolen) can enable anyone who finds them to enter your house. Even if you do eventually find the keys, the people who found them could make copies of them and still be able to enter your house.

* Break-ins. If your lock has been picked and if your house has been broken into, you should definitely have your lock replaced. After all, you do not want the same situation to repeat itself ever again and this is the number 1 thing to do if you have went through something similar.

* Having a new roommate or moving into a house (especially if it was rented to someone else before). No matter how well you know the owner or the previous residents of your home, it is a natural thing to replace the locks on the house before you move in. You do not actually know if the previous resident/roommate has ever lost their keys, so it is much safer to have the locks replaced.

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